Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Idaho Summer: A Magic Carpet Ride

One day it's the Summer Solstice, and you've just done an Ironman even though you can't really swim or run...and then the magnificence of summer in Idaho envelops you like a fairy tale, and you ride the magic carpet of warm sunny days, rushing trout-filled creeks, solitary singletrack on high mountain passes, music in parks, cool nights with the Milky Way so vivid you can feel its timelessness, floating on crystal clear alpine lakes, shorts & sandals & sunscreen, family & friends & love...and smoke from fires, which simply reminds you that it's not all a dream.You're living in Driggs.

Where to begin? On a high alpine lake in the Sawtooths - for real.

I helped coach our local Teton Composite middle & high school mountain bike team again this year. What a great experience, and the circle is growing! 

Melissa & Romeo doing the dual SUP thing, on Palisades reservoir. Idyllic. 

A late-June lunch hour, Teton Valley style. I'm pretty sure Julie Andrews was singing in the background. 

Sun Valley golf, with brothers & nephews. The scenery surpassed my skills, for sure. 

Did I mention mountain biking yet? Simply stellar. 

Family ice skating at the iconic Sun Valley lodge. No one got hurt, which is always a bonus. 

On the work side, I oversaw a lot of this - all over Idaho. 

There has been good time spent in Boise, too. Loving the water, warmth, trails & trees. 

Now that I'm in the Old Guy division, I've grabbed a couple of 1st Place mountain bike race finishes. I'm most proud of this one: the Pierre's Hole 50K back in August, right here at Grand Targhee. 

Finally crossed off the bucket list item of a Boise State football game! They won their home opener, and haven't lost since. 

My garage project has lasted all summer & fall...go figure. But it will definitely be nice.

The annual Star Valley bike ride with my brother Curt & friends was as beautiful as ever. I finally lost my Salt River Pass KOM to M-Russ, but he is a worthy heir. 

There was more - much more - but now it's time to slow things down a bit, take in the fall colors, and enjoy some Oktoberfesting in Idaho. Cheers!

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