Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Onset of Summer, and Driggs Adventures

Like mountain thunderstorms, Idaho tumbleweeds and windblown desert sand, the weeks & months pass on by - some faster, better and more memorable than others. But they roll on, inexorably.

It's been too long between posts, again. In the meantime: snow melted, gray became green, creeks filled, and days grew longer. Ahh, summer in the mountains.

Things like golf also start happening in the high country. My nephews Blake & Tyler showed me how it's done.

Singletrack emerges.

Triathlons transpire.

Hiking season begins.

And it's so sweet coming home to Teton Valley this time of year.

Can you say summer sunsets?

Great rides with good friends.

Rad Romeo dog.

Helping awesome kids learn to ride & race.

Work occurs in beautiful places.

And then: the iconic Coeur d'Alene Ironman 70.3, which I was fortunate to do with several good friends plus my cousin Tyson. I wouldn't recommend having an infected tooth pulled 36 hours before the start...but all's well that ends well :)

Race day was beautiful, tough...and I finished under my time goal. Ironman truly does an event like no one else.

Now it's time to recover for a while, and simply enjoy mid-summer perfection in the Tetons.