Monday, April 25, 2016

From Winter To Mud: Spring in Driggs

It's been longer than usual since my last blog entry, for a variety of reasons - but I'm back at it. And I'll continue with this thing.

Going back to February: in the mountains of Idaho, many winter days are like this...

...and then slowly, the snow becomes rain & sleet & wind, with intermittent sunshine, and here we are in mud season. It's still not brilliant summer, but we have weathered another big winter in these parts, and that always counts for something.

After 21 years in Teton Valley, I can say with confidence that no two winters are the same - or any other season, for that matter. What made this winter different from many others is that we didn't have a big meltdown in mid-December or mid-January; the storms just kept coming every week, and the snow steadily piled up. Backcountry skiing was terrific, and so was nearly every other form of recreation.

Pedaling the snowbike (or, fatbike to all you newbies) around on county roads was awesome, as always. A quick lunch ride from home takes me to this spot & back, and clears my head better than a sandwich ever can. I just eat at my desk the rest of the afternoon.

For a late winter dose of the evasive Vitamin D, there's nothing like a journey to the desert. After months of snow, it feels like a whole different world - and is so good for the soul.

Thanks to my buddy PNut in Tucson, I even managed to get back on a horse after nearly 5 years. It felt great.

There was also some stellar mountain biking on the Arizona Trail. Ahh, singletrack.

Plus hikes like this one in the radiant Pima Canyon.

And then, after a lot of driving...back home to late winter in Teton Valley. It could be worse. 

Trees have now blossomed in lower elevation Idaho cities like Boise, Twin Falls & Pocatello. I'm fortunate to travel around Idaho for work sales this time of year, and it's so nice to experience real spring conditions in those neighboring places.

Meanwhile, here in the Driggs high country, deer & elk are following the receding snowline higher up into the hills each day.

The grass is getting greener...

...and soon we'll be back on Idaho singletrack, like this. 

There have been some singular snowy memories these past few months, and it's great to relive them in photos. But now I'm ready to be warm again.  

Until then, happy Mud Season - er, Spring! 

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Kurt said...

Great to see you back at the blog! I've been reading with interest since I found your blog a few months ago; I'm actively trying to convince my wife to settle down in the Driggs/Victor area when the time comes (we're currently on an overseas expat assignment and slated for another soon). Great photos and inspiring narrative--thank you!