Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Real Teton Valley, Idaho Winter

It's been a while since we've had a good old fashioned winter here in Driggs. Sure, there have been a few solid snowstorms in recent years...but too often they're followed by bizarre warm spells, weeks of high pressure, and even (gasp) rain. This winter, however, is turning into the real deal.

We've eased into it one storm at a time - with no thaws or rain or extended high pressure - and suddenly, voila: it's deep out there. A fatbike ride out in Horseshoe Canyon earlier this week revealed some downright deep snowbanks.

Appropriately, the 5th Annual Teton Valley Snowfest is wrapping up this weekend in downtown Driggs. It's been fun to watch the event grow each year, with activities like skijoring (below),

nordic races, backcountry ski films, snowplane rallies, kids crafts, sled dog stage racing, and my favorite - "snowscapes" ice sculptures.

This is my 21st winter in Teton Valley.  I learned long ago that a key to thriving during the long, cold, and dark months is to get out & play in the white stuff. Whatever your thing is - skiing, snowmobiling, fatbiking, snowshoeing, ice fishing, hockey, winter running - you simply need to get out there and do it. Just an hour or two of adventure in these mountains warms the soul and makes subsequent couch time that much sweeter.

Early winter soon became Christmastime, and the holidays were classic. Snow, friends (thanks for the snowshoe hike Kevin & Deb!), family, adventure...

...and reflecting on what it all really means.

I made it down to SLC for a couple of days to connect with family & friends there, too. A snowbike ride in Park City with longtime buddy BK was a definite highlight.

As Christmas turned to New Year's, I was back in Driggs...and it got really cold. The afternoons were beautiful though, and I was able to enjoy some Teton magic with good friends Hank & Karen on a New Year's Day snowshoe outing - a happy start to 2016.

Then, there was an escape to Hawaii and tropical weather. I won't say too much because we've got a lot of winter left...but wow, it was warm.

OK, one more.

Back in Teton Valley, Romeo doesn't care what season it is. He just gets after it.

And so does Bridger.

In the end: whatever your hobbies and wherever your travels, here's to enjoying the season - and the sunsets.

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