Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rolling With The Seasons, and Years

You turn around, Summer has become Fall...and you're turning 50. Which also means over twenty years of living in Driggs & Teton Valley, Idaho. Moving here is still one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Fall, like aging, brings visible change. But it's good...and those colors!

I had some work close to home last month - like within a few hundred yards of my house. I'm not sure which was best: the project, or the Teton scenery? Indian Summer simply rocks.

I've also enjoyed some time with good old Bridger dog. He likes being outside as much as I do.

Meanwhile, our Driggs/Jackson high school mountain bike team (and therefore me, as a coach) attended races all over Idaho the past couple of months, this one just north of Sun Valley. Such a great scene!

I did a couple more races of my own, too. JayP's 60-mile Gravel Pursuit up in Island Park was awesome, and MooseCross CycloCross in Victor was simultaneously intense, short, sweet, painful, and fun.

A combo work/fun trip to Chicago also allowed for some good time with my brother Mark. The lakefront city views are incredible.

And then a highlight of my year: a Cubs playoff game, with great people, against the rival Cardinals...which Chicago won! I expect to see them in the World Series next year.

There was nice Fall weekend backyard camping with Melissa & Romeo, too. Turns out tents are ideally suited for napping.

And of course, fishing. It centers me.

Here's to a few more good seasons & decades...of everything: mountains, water, work, scenery, and love - changing, growing, living.

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