Thursday, October 23, 2014

Indian Summering

Sunshine - that magic elixir - was relatively scarce around Driggs in August. But wow, did it return for a spectacular Indian Summer season.

We've pounced on it: epic mountain bike rides in the Big Holes, kayaking on Jackson Lake, hiking in the Tetons...and simply taking in the colors.

Romeo loves the Big Hole Crest Trail.

A quick trip to Park City brought even more colors, and fun. Melissa did a 50K North Face trail run, and I finally participated in the annual Tour des Suds mountain bike fundraiser/race (costumes encouraged)...then did a sweet ride with buddies Eric & Elton. 

Area rivers have been a feast for the eyes, and fishing has been stellar, too. 

The 7th Annual MooseCross cyclocross event was held here in Victor, Idaho on October 11, and I jumped in...on my mountain bike. It was a blast - and the event continues to grow, officially part of the Wild West regional race series this year.

A favorite hike up nearby Coal Creek brings incredible Teton Views, which never grow old. Resulting smiles are automatic. 

Last but not least: nothing beats a Teton High School football game on a perfect fall evening. Here's to more!


Anonymous said...

Talk about a random coincidence. When I finish my deployment in Afghanistan my wife and I are thinking of relocating to the Teton Valley. When I was Googling the "Teton Valley" I came up with your site. Great pictures, by the way. Your website exactly sums up why we are looking at the area. The funny part is that when I saw a picture of your BHS basketball chums I went back up and saw that you write the blog. Curt and I were Class of '88 together at BHS. I remember hearing about his big brother. And I remember seeing your dad riding his horse when we were running around the hills above your house. I used to spend a lot of time skateboarding in the Lund's barn. Those were good times.
Anyway, do you mind if I ask you a question? As your interests mirror mine, where is the best place to buy in the Teton Valley? We don't have tons of money so we're looking for a building lot or a modest house. We would love to live in a spot we could go on a mountain bike ride or trail run from the house. Ideally we could ski or bowhunt out the back door, but that is probably asking too much. Any advice would be appreciated.
Say hello to Curt for me.
Dave Budge
Salt Lake City / Afghanistan

Rick LaBelle said...

Hey Dave - wow, a small & random world indeed! I've heard your name from Curt, and I'll be sure to tell him "hello" from you. Those were good days growing up in the Bountiful foothills, weren't they? But now, I must say that Teton Valley is better :)

Thanks for the nice note, and great to hear you're considering my neck of the woods for a residence; it's been good to me for 20 years now. I'd be happy to get more detailed and pass along more information via email - you can reach me at rulabelle (at) aol (dot) com.

Look forward to talking soon, and all the best wrapping up your service time - hats' off to you!

- Rick