Friday, December 5, 2014

Doin' It All, Late Fall

I've always loved the confluence of farming, mountains, recreation, and throwback western lifestyle found here in Driggs, Idaho. Driving back home from a work trip in late October, this classic scene caught my eye...and I managed to get a photo.

Yes, it really is about more than just riding my bike. But wow, it's been a stellar fall for that!

Indian summer lingered long - colorful and delicious. It was probably the best I've experienced in 20 Teton Valley years. 

On the handful of rainy days, Melissa & I ventured out hiking...and Romeo chased squirrels.  

Beyond Driggs, there was a work convention up in beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. I can't believe I'd never been there before; the combination of water, mountains, evergreens everywhere, and super-friendly people simply blew me away. 

Thanksgiving brought some good time with family down in Salt Lake City, and even a little football. 

Eventually, snow arrived. We're fortunate to have extensive nordic grooming here in Teton Valley, including one area just two miles from my house...with views to ski for. Romeo loves it. 

Ultimately, late fall & early winter are about slowing down. Less daylight means more cozy "hygge" time by the fire - and I like it. Happy Winter. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Indian Summering

Sunshine - that magic elixir - was relatively scarce around Driggs in August. But wow, did it return for a spectacular Indian Summer season.

We've pounced on it: epic mountain bike rides in the Big Holes, kayaking on Jackson Lake, hiking in the Tetons...and simply taking in the colors.

Romeo loves the Big Hole Crest Trail.

A quick trip to Park City brought even more colors, and fun. Melissa did a 50K North Face trail run, and I finally participated in the annual Tour des Suds mountain bike fundraiser/race (costumes encouraged)...then did a sweet ride with buddies Eric & Elton. 

Area rivers have been a feast for the eyes, and fishing has been stellar, too. 

The 7th Annual MooseCross cyclocross event was held here in Victor, Idaho on October 11, and I jumped in...on my mountain bike. It was a blast - and the event continues to grow, officially part of the Wild West regional race series this year.

A favorite hike up nearby Coal Creek brings incredible Teton Views, which never grow old. Resulting smiles are automatic. 

Last but not least: nothing beats a Teton High School football game on a perfect fall evening. Here's to more!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Rolling Into Fall, Driggs Style

If August in Teton Valley (along with most of Idaho) could be expressed in one word this year, it would be "rain." Lots of it, and most days. Monsoon moisture made its way farther north than usual, and we got soaked, often. The downside, of course, was curtailed recreation - it's difficult to bike, hike, golf, boat, and fish during downpours. But the upside was incredibly lush, green landscapes...and lots of rainbows.

That being said: there were still windows of sun, and we made the most of them. This day was well-timed for the Big Hole Challenge Duathlon out in Horseshoe Canyon, where I mountain biked, Melissa trail ran, and Romeo cheered us on to a nice 1st Place finish.

There was also a stellar hike up Pole Canyon & beyond, on the valley's south end.  The trail is steep, but the payoff views are worth it.

All the Idaho rain also posed a challenge with my work, as conditions must be dry for asphalt sealing. But with flexibility & creativity, we managed to get most projects completed.

Mid-August was the Pierre's Hole 50/100 mountain bike race up at Grand Targhee. This event is now in its 7th year, and has become a regionally & nationally renowned event. It's awesome having it right in my backyard, and the course gets better each year as Targhee expands its network of singletrack trails. I did the 50K distance (which had 4,000 feet of climbing!), and managed to grab 3rd Place in the Men's 40-49 division. 

Late August was time for my buddies annual "Tour de Star Valley" bike ride, down in Afton, WY. Despite a little rain & hail, it was great hanging out with Mike, cousin Brent, Dan, and my brother Curt for a long day in the saddle. Salt River Pass remains one of my favorite spots on the planet.

What would early September be, without racing in the 204-mile Logan-to-Jackson ("LOTOJA") bike race? It's a huge event these days, with a couple thousand cyclists competing. This year I did it as a 2-Person Relay with my brother Curt, and it was a memorable day shared with family and lots of good friends - perfect weather, no mishaps, and our 9-hour 37-minute finishing time was the fastest I've ever been a part of...good for 3rd Place in our division. 

As summer rolls into fall, the light softens and so does the pace.  It's time for my favorite season of all. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sublime Teton Summer

When summer finally arrives in Driggs, it's beyond brilliant. The valley is suddenly green, water rushes, flowers bloom, birds sing, and sky is impossibly blue - with snowcapped peaks framing it all.

Time has been made for some Idaho high country fishin'.

Mountain bike racing with buddy Garth - we grabbed 4th overall as a duo at the Boise 9-to-5 race, back in early June.

Golfing, family reunion style.

Finishing the Leadville Silver Rush 50-mile mountain bike race, in mid-July. It was the toughest race I've done, including a 4-mile wrong turn...but I still qualified for next year's full Leadville 100, which is a bucket list item.

Continuing with the mountain bike theme: I had a great time racing with my buddy James last week, at the Galena Grinder event near Sun Valley. Beautiful day, rugged & challenging course, awesome people.

Some nice weekend getaways with Melissa - biking, running, dining, taking in music, relaxing.

Bridger loves summer in the Tetons, too.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

From Driggs to Desert: Spring Adventures

It's been a busy couple of months, with adventures and work from Driggs to Tucson, Salt Lake to Chicago...and countless private Idaho moments. I'll let photos tell the story.

Spectacular spring biking, with buddy Garth in Grand Teton Park.

Wild Mustangs on a work trip in Challis, ID.

Steelhead fishing on the iconic Salmon River.

The pristine Lemhi mountain range, central Idaho.

Jostling with bison, Yellowstone Park. 

The snowblower - ready for summer hibernation. 

A favorite section of Arizona Trail. Epic. 

My buddy John hugs everyone; it must be the Tucson sunshine. 

Colorful riding. 

A resident Cooper's Hawk visits the backyard fountain, Tucson.

Helping guide a few guests with Southwest Trekking. Kinda like herding cats, but fun. 

Taking in nephew Corbin's soccer game; my brother Mark is a proud dad.

Work meetings in Chicago, including dinner at Ditka's on NFL Draft night. I love my job and co-workers. 

Back in Idaho: South Fork of the Snake River "Bench Trail," Swan Valley.

Summer arriving in my Driggs backyard.

A drive over Togwotee Pass, and a grizzly...of course.

Memorial Day smiles & horseshoes, with beautiful Melissa and handsome Romeo.

Mamma teaches Romeo to be a river dog on a getaway to Lander, WY.

Vintage Teton Valley, Idaho...and summer has just begun!