Thursday, December 19, 2013


Sitting here in Driggs the week before Christmas - watching lazy snow flurries and a gray winter sky, on the heels of several bluebird days - I can't help but marvel at the co-existence of change & continuity in life. Work, weather, relationships, residences, and even friends can all change by the day...but certain things remain constant. Like Christmas, and the steadfast Tetons standing watch.

One thing that hasn't changed much over the years is my old college buddy Tom, who stopped by for a quick visit last month.  He's always been there...and so has his amazing 16-year old dog, TJ.

My dad is another constant.  I was fortunate to spend several days with him at a work conference in Boise last month, and loved catching up in person.  The man is solid as a rock.

November is definitely a "shoulder season" month around Teton Valley, and hiking is a fun recreation option during this time.  Melissa & I took her dogs high up Henderson Canyon on a sunny Saturday, and everyone smiled.

Keeping the dog motif going: I even got to walk Bridger once last month.  It would be nice to see him more often, but I enjoy the times I do.  And man, it's easy to forget how big he is!

And then suddenly, it was snowbiking (a.k.a., "fatbiking") season.  I got out for an especially nice ride on the groomed trails at Grand Targhee the week before Thanksgiving; talk about bluebird conditions! I feel like a completely different person after getting out like that for an hour or two, and the glow remains for a nice long while.

For Thanksgiving, we escaped to warm sun-sand-surf San Jose del Cabo.  There was sailing, stand-up-paddling, kayaking, mountain biking, and of course relaxing...all in shorts.  It was also Melissa's birthday week, so we jumped for joy.

Another highlight of the trip was touring the "Cactimundo" cactus gardens, which we did via cruiser bike.  Rows & rows of every cactus type imaginable, along with flowers, fountains, and gazebos.  Simultaneously mesmerizing and inspiring.

Back home in Driggs, it was temperature shock and a colorful, wintery sunset. They say the only constant is change, but I have to argue that.  Through all the ups & downs, reliable rhythms remain; love, beautiful sunsets, solid friends & family, amazing mountains...and now, Christmas.  Happy Holidays!