Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fantastic Fall

It's been another spectacular Fall here in Driggs, Idaho. Autum has always been my favorite - warm days, cool nights, football, harvests, Halloween rituals...and colors.

I don't know which was better on this mid-October day, the mountain biking or the scenery. Horseshoe Canyon singletrack shines this time of year.

Hiking has been exceptional, too. Here's Melissa on Drake Creek trail, a nearby favorite.

Autumn snowfalls only add to the season. We had a couple of storms that quickly moved through Teton Valley, and subsequent blue skies were beautiful. These ducks and Melissa's dog Romeo were soaking it in.

The annual "Fall Classic" golf day with my Jackson basketball team was simply awesome, at Teton Reserve course in Victor.  I love these guys like brothers.
Nearing the end of October, we journeyed down the road to Pocatello for a golden day of hiking on Scout Mountain. It brings a smile, for sure.
Amazing Teton sunsets have been the most colorful of all. Life & seasons change; here's to the brilliance of Fall!

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seaski said...

Hi Rick,

I came across your blog while searching for information about relocating to the area. My boyfriend and I are moving to the area in the spring. Thanks for all the exciting this to look forward to!