Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy December, and New Year

December flew past like a flock of white Trumpeter Swans. Brilliant, yet stealth.  Did all of that really just happen, in only 31 days, with barely any daylight hours?  It did, indeed; parties, parades, shoveling, snowmobiling, annual meetings, skiing, and of course shopping. All right here in the winter wonderland of Driggs, Idaho.

There was snowbiking (a.k.a., "fatbiking") too, and it was good. I took Bridger out on a nice ride up Darby Canyon early in the month, before the snow got too deep. This winter hybrid sport is really starting to catch on, and Teton Valley is a natural mecca with its hundreds of miles of dirt roads, groomed snowmobile trails, and canyons to explore.

Thanks to my friend Andy, I also made it out snowmobiling the first week of December.  Snow cover was minimal in the valley at that time, but as we climbed it quickly got deep...chest deep.  We had an amazing time riding the West slope of the Tetons along with Jon and Mo, playing in the powder and taking in the high country scenery.

It was also great to connect with several good friends during the month, including my longtime website guru Brian.  We caught up while in Salt Lake City for meetings, and it was just like old times. This is one smart, good man.

And speaking of highlights, Melissa's company Christmas party was up there.  It was a cozy mid-December evening with talented people, amazing food, and cheerful conversation. Not to mention the festive decorations, and long game of bingo...but that's another story entirely.

Back into the outdoors: sunny, bluebird days have been rare so far this winter, but oh-so-beautiful.  With views like this, simple walks with the  dogs are sublime.

2012 was a volatile year for us.  Fittingly, we sent it out with a Christmas trip to Yellowstone on snowmobiles.  Hot pots bubbled, belched, and steamed; Old Faithful erupted; bison grazed; we smiled. And yes, Melissa piloted her own sled like a rockstar. 

The last Sunday of the year, I shocked a few people and attended church for the first time in recent memory.  It's something I want to make more a part of my life again, in moderation, along with more service and volunteer work in the community. There's been a void, and I've been far too selfish with my time over the years.

Anyhow, I wanted the inaugural church experience to be with my younger brother Mark, his wife Annie, and their 2-year old boy Corbin.  Mark and I have been teammates through every kind of battle imaginable over the years, and he's one of the few who have been there for me unconditionally this year.  I'm thankful and proud of the man my "little" bro has become.

Whatever your path is, here's to a year of peace, adventure, fulfillment, and love.  Happy 2013!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a productive December.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog and pictures!