Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Early Summer Adventures, and Blooming

So, wow, I missed the whole month of June on this blog.  It wasn't for lack of material, but rather a life full of work, change, travel, and good doses of fun to keep it all balanced.  But I really should write more, and chronicle, and share.  Like recanting the evening I spent while working in Challis, Idaho...bikepacking up into the hills with my fishing pole, counting elk, catching fish, and reconnecting with myself. 

Meanwhile, back in Driggs on June 4th, I encountered a frighteningly large pile of Grizzly scat on upper Millcreek Trail (just below Grand Targhee) while mountain biking.  Two weeks later I scared up a small black bear while trail running near the mouth of Teton Canyon.  And a couple of days ago, a hiker was attacked by a black bear on the Aspen Trail.  Walk loudly and carry fresh bear spray out there, folks.

We've had a bit more wind than usual, but nearly every day has been sunny and beautiful.  Snow has melted up to levels that weren't snow-free until early August last year, so backcountry access has been great.  Plus, the farmers got a nice head start on the growing season for a change...and the cycling has been great, like out here by Horseshoe Canyon.

I've been mixing in a bit of swimming for fun, too.  And one triathlon, so far.  Warm days, cool mountain water, beautiful doesn't get much better.

Evening get-togethers with friends are arguably the best part of summers in Teton Valley.  Playing around while the grill heats up, sharing adventure stories, and of course taking in the incomparable scenery.  Here, Melissa shares the fun with Brandon & Sarah's dog Sienna, in the shadow of Taylor Mountain.

Symbolically, local Poppy flowers bloomed brilliantly during June.  Much like hearts learning to re-open, and colorful new chapters.  Here's to summer, my friends...wherever you are, and whatever your path.  Happy 4th of July!

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Scott Damman, Assess2Perform said...

Great Driggs lifestyle info. I live in Durango and am looking to make a move up to the Teton Valley this Fall. Some of your postings are spot on with what I like to do (especially the mountain biking & seeing there is some "older guy" hoop pick-up games), so thanks for posting the information.

Scott Damman