Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter in Driggs, After All

It took a while to get rolling this year, but Old Man Winter has once again set up camp here in Teton Valley, Idaho. Snow, sleet, wind, below zero temperatures, and we are in business. Either that, or it's our own version of The Shining.

Seriously, the powder is finally deep, and recreation is top notch now.  Snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, and shoveling are all in full swing. Come visit, and don't forget your boots.

After a morning of snowmobiling up at Togwotee Pass a couple of weeks ago, I dusted off the snowshoes and scampered (o.k., "labored" is more accurate) up Angle Mountain behind the lodge. This mountain was actually the region's first ski area back in the 40's, before Jackson Hole. Elevation at the top is over 10,000 feet; it was deep, but the views were worth it.  The finger I had just broken on the sled didn't bother me too much with ski poles, but that's another story for another time.

Earlier in the month, I joined a fun group snowbike ride in the Big Holes, from Horseshoe Canyon to Packsaddle. Thanks to the snowmobile groomers, conditions were perfect. We had a little fun out there.

Last week, work took me to Memphis.  I connected with my brotha LeRoy there, and ate a lot of ribs.  It's been suggested that a rib joint would be popular in Driggs.  Hmmm....

In closing, here's to Brent, our guide up at Togwotee.  You kicked our hineys, bro...and it was awesome.

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