Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fantabulous Fall

Ahh, fall. As hoped, it's making up for the crappy spring we had...and then some.

A colorful hike up Coal Creek last week led us from warm, to classic autumn, to snow up at 9,000 feet.

Bridger found a big "view" rock, so I joined him for a break in the evening sun.

And best of all, the mountain biking continues. Every nice day is a bonus now, folks...enjoy!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Leaping to Autumn

At times it feels like my blog is a bit weather-centric, but mother nature plays a major role in Teton Valley, Idaho life. City folks roll with it by going to malls, movies, major sporting events, and sitting in traffic; here around Driggs, it's all about what we can do outside on a given day.  Hence, the weather factor.

It changed as dramatically as I've ever seen this week. Over the course of about 48 hours, we went from this (Palisades Reservoir)... this (my deck).  Weeks of 80+ degrees and nearly perpetual sunshine gave way to three days of snow, and cold.  Leaves were barely changing color, and suddenly had 5" of snow on them. Shorts & sandals gave way to fleece & boots. Oh boy, here we go.

It did clear up in time for Saturday's MooseCross cyclocross race, and subsequent Oktoberfest in Victor. I raced, but don't have pics to prove it yet. Let's just say I saw a new maximum heart rate, and also had a blast. About 200 racers showed up, and at least that many spectators. Big numbers for a small town. Hats' off to my good friend Dave B and Victor Velo for making it happen.

We're now hoping for a couple weeks of classic Indian Summer weather. A chance to smell the leaves, feel crispness in the air, hear the elk bugling, and generally slow down from summer's frenetic pace. Plus, there's football...and views like this up Teton Canyon.

Bridger has been loving the snow and cooler temperatures. Ahh, the joyous flexibility of our canine friends. Just shake the snow off your back, and keep going.

I am a Hemingway fan, and his memorial over in Sun Valley poignantly reads: "Best of all, he loved the fall; the leaves yellow on Cottonwoods, petals floating in trout streams; and above the hills, a high blue windless sky."  Here's to Autumn.