Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer in September

It just doesn't get any better than September in the Tetons. Truly. Warm days, crisp nights, blue skies, colors popping, elk bugling...somebody pinch me.

Temperatures have literally felt like August recently. We've taken advantage, and done some epic mountain bike rides and other outings.  This is Joanne on pristine singletrack up by Elk Flats, en route to Garn's mountain. Incredible day.

My Jackson basketball team had its annual "Fall Classic" golf tournament at the Teton Reserve course in Victor, Idaho on Saturday.  Here are a few of the guys at the start, displaying the trophy I ended up winning for low score. Total amatuer luck.

It was a beautiful day to be golfing in Teton Valley, and catching up with these guys.  Some of them have been playing basketball together for over 30 years. I've been with them for 15 years now, and it's like a family.  This is Jere teeing off, with Paul & Tom standing by. Good times.

My swim stroke has been like a bad golf swing, so last weekend I attended a semi-private lesson with former U.S. Olympic Triathlete Barb Lindquist, who resides in Victor. It was held at the nice outdoor Teton Springs pool, and I learned a few things, for sure. Seeing myself on video was a bit horrifying, but helpful. Lots of practice time ahead.

Last week was also a big ride to Piney Pass with Dave & Michelle.  Good friends Steve & Kim showed up on their ATV with new black lab puppy "Carbon."  I like the fact that at least some mountain bikers and ATV enthusiasts can get along.

Sunday was our annual ride to the top of Garn's peak, high point in the Big Hole mountains west of Driggs. Jordan, Michelle and Joanne paused to take it all in, with Tetons glittering in the background.  How sweet it is.

Happy Fall!

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