Saturday, August 20, 2011

Paradise Found

The perfection of a Teton Valley, Idaho summer has a way of gobbling up the weeks. That, plus a lot of work lately (yes, really), has caused time to slip by between blog posts. So here we go.

The past few weeks have been filled with cycling, hiking, golfing, a family reunion, bbq's, horseback riding, and  lots of travel for work. The sun just keeps shining, with warm sunny days and cool peaceful nights.  It is oh-so-sweet.

The recent fun started with a LaBelle family reunion over in Sun Valley, Idaho.  We've been going there since I was a toddler, and it feels like a second home. My brother from New York, sister from California, and others from Salt Lake all came together for several days, and it was awesome.  Bike rides, bowling, ice skating, swimming, fishing, and relaxed dinners on the deck gave us all time to catch up, and made for some great new memories.

The Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake then consumed me with work for a week. But it was good consumption, as I love that whole scene. Lots of buzz out there about minimalist footwear, high-definition helmet cams, versatile lightweight packs, wicking materials, GPS advances, stand-up paddling, and more.  A trend I continue to see is casual outdoor style becoming more and more mainstream.  Button-down shirts are now often constructed with the latest performance fabrics; merino wool and cool-max socks are proliferating in department stores as well as specialty shops; minimalist footwear is seen in the workplace; etc.  It's been fascinating to watch this all happen over the past decade or so, and bodes well for the outdoor industry, which needs something to spur growth in the face of a computer-centric world.  And that's my work pronouncement for the week.

On a lighter note: in my work travels, mainly between Driggs and Park City, I'm forced to endure scenes like this.  It could be worse.  This is the Little Elk Creek drainage, along Palisades Reservoir in southeastern Idaho. Phenomenal sight.

Some great mountain bike rides over the past several weeks, too.  This is from an overlook on Ridge Trail, on the Jackson side of Teton Pass.  Simply delicious.

Enjoy the season.

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