Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ringing in July

July means summer, even in Idaho. Snow is melting, rivers are running, sun is shining...and wow, is it ever green in these parts.  A verdant payoff for the eight-months of winter we endured this year.

As anticipated, runoff is just now peaking; creeks are running over the highway between Driggs and Victor, and mountain trails are taking their time drying out.

So, the hiking and mountain biking season has only just begun. We're starting to get back into some favorite places like South Horseshoe Canyon, but will be treading lightly for another week or two. 

This creek is about the midway point on our popular Aspen Trail.  It's normally a benign two-foot deep crossing, with a big log to help.  The log is now completely under water, and the creek is 3-4 feet deep.

Do not attempt to cross creeks like this, my friends; they are crazy-powerful, even when only thigh deep.  We turned around and enjoyed another day, along with our bikes and dog.

The long 4th of July weekend around Driggs was terrific. Perfect weather, pleasant crowds, and amazing events from Thursday through Monday. 

This was the scene at Huntsman Springs on Saturday afternoon, before the big Glenn Beck and fireworks show.  An estimated 15,000 people descended on Teton Valley for the weekend, more than doubling our population.  Businesses were happy.

Bridger says, "here's to July."

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lisapow said...

BEAUTIFUL! This make me want to take a trip up to Driggs soon!