Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 Boise Ironman Triathlon: Video

Summer is working its magic, and time is flying by here in Driggs.  It's interesting how the more daylight hours we have, the faster each day seems to go.  Must be a function of Idaho's short summer season, and the resulting sense of urgency. Whatever the impetus, I hope you're all out there golfing, hiking, boating, mountain biking, and loving it.

It's already been a month since I did the Boise Ironman 70.3 Triathlon.  Boise is about a 5 hour 30 minute drive from Driggs, and simply an awesome city.  Great recreation, plenty to do, and a nice Idaho feel.

The 1.2 mile swim is at Lucky Peak Reservoir; the 56 mile bike leg goes west, south, and then downtown Boise for transition #2; the run is two 6.55 mile loops on the sweet Boise river greenbelt, finishing right smack downtown. It is an amazing scene, with terrific volunteers & fans...and the closest to a rockstar I have ever felt.

Without a doubt, the highlight was sharing such a great experience with two cousins of mine, Brent and Wade.  Thanks guys, and keep rolling. 

I finally carved out some time this week, and put together the following slideshow with music. Sincere thanks to Joanne, Beth, Steph, and Chris for the photos; they are priceless.

Back to regular blogging later in the week.  For now, turn up your speakers and see why Ironman events are without equal.  Cheers.


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I need to stop reading your stuff(!), it drives me nuts to be here in Missouri. We were in Driggs in June and count the days when we can return. Lived in Boise, great town and can't say enough about it.
Puttin' up with hideous humidity and heat here. Lesley