Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer At Last, Upcoming 4th of July Events

Summer arrived here in Driggs, Idaho this week - quite late, but all the more brilliant from the wait. Iridescently blue skies, impossibly green fields, snow-capped Tetons, rushing water, and smiles all around.  Let the flurry of summer events and activities begin.

It starts with the busy upcoming 4th of July weekend. Saturday July 2 will feature the second annual "Celebrate America" event at Huntsman Springs golf course and resort in Driggs, with a street fair, games, Glenn Beck, fireworks, and more; the band Widespread Panic will perform at Grand Targhee July 1-3; catch the authentic Tetonia Rodeo the evening of July 2; watch the classic Victor City parade the morning of July 4; and, of course, Teton Valley's signature hot air balloon rides all weekend.  Whew!

We'll be making time for some overdue summer recreation, too. Mountain biking trails are finally opening up and drying out; road cycling groups are out in force; golf courses are primed for use; and horseback riding is rolling.

Speaking of which: we have our Tennessee Walker horses here for the summer now, including my favorite, Cheval.  I'm looking forward to working in a few epic backcountry rides with Joanne, Weston & co. this year.

Did I mention the rivers are rushing? High water will last 2-3 more weeks...don't drive through overflows like this.

Happy Trails!

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Barbara said...

Leaving Thursday for our annual 1800 mile drive to Teton Valley. Can't get enough of the scenery so I enjoy your blog year-round. Your photos and description of the Driggs area are great. Thanks.