Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rolling Towards Summer

It's happening, albeit slowly: the snow line is edging up the foothills, flowers are blooming, grass is greening, horses are shedding their winter coats, and bikes are even appearing around Driggs. Could it really be happening...summer?

Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and the weather forecast looks surprisingly good. We're tuning up the mountain bikes, dusting off the golf clubs, and digging the shorts out just in case (coats stay handy all year).

We grabbed a couple hours of nice evening weather the other night, and took a spin around local Teton Valley dirt roads. I savor those moments, when we're out recharging our souls while city folks are stuck in rush traffic. The older I get, the more I realize you just can't put a price tag on it.   

Fox Creek is not yet running high, but with all that snow up on Housetop mountain (far background), it will be raging soon.  Runoff will likely last through most of June; so if you're into fishing, it's gonna be a few weeks.  If it's any consolation, Driggs area golf courses are open and playing well.

To cap off the week, I made the drive to Salt Lake City and joined some good friends & family for the Salt Lake Century bike ride this weekend.  Over 2,000 cyclists headed from SLC out to Antelope Island and back, via some great rural roads through Davis County. It was a perfect weather day, and terrific event.  Wish I'd have taken more photos, but we went too fast.

Here's to a brilliant summer.

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