Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter is Here

As fabulous as our fall was in Driggs, it turned to winter so quickly we all thought a month must have gone missing. Leave it to Idaho and Mother Nature.

One week we were mountain biking in shorts...

...the next, snow hiking. It's all beautiful.

Jackson Hole reported record early-season snowfall by Thanksgiving weekend, and Grand Targhee is doing equally well. It's great to see, because last year was downright bleak until the end of March.

My philosophy: it's cold & dark anyway, we might as well have a bunch of snow to play in! (just stay away from the Metrodome in MN :-)

Speaking of Thanksgiving...we took a long-overdue trip to the Grand Canyon, hiked down with a great group of friends, and spent two nights at Phantom Ranch before hiking back out.  Absolutely incredible experience - top 3 of my lifetime - and huge thanks to Jere & Deb for instigating, planning & coordinating the trip.
This is Joanne by Bright Angel Creek at the bottom of the canyon, on our layover day.  Words and photos don't do the place justice; it is powerful beyond description...overwhelms & envelopes you, at once. Go, and feel it.  It will change you.
Just one of many photos of our hike out South Kaibab Trail. I mean...wow.
It's 5,000 feet of challenging & steep hiking in each direction, but the insane views at every turn simply pull you along. One of the wonders of the world, indeed, and a most memorable Thanksgiving.  We're already planning a return visit.

Meanwhile, life back home isn't bad, either.  We took Bridger x-c skiing on the Alta, WY trails Saturday, and I enjoy that course more each time. Rolling Idaho farmland meets the Tetons...unbeatable.

The TVTAP Christmas benefit dinner was the weekend's icing on the cake; awesome seeing and catching up with so many good friends. This is a priceless place, both land and people.

Happy Holidays to you all!

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