Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lasting Summer Adventures

As we segway from summer to fall, the rush is on to fit in final epic outings. This is especially urgent in places like Driggs, Idaho, and Park City, Utah, where the summer season is fleeting to begin with. Winter approaches with relentless stealth; yes, we love playing in the snow...but memories of summer adventures help warm the soul through the cold months ahead, for sure.  So, let's go!

As bike-hike-swim-ski-run focused as I often am, I do enjoy a little yin with the yang. Fishing, floating, snowmobiling, stargazing, and golfing all have their place in my world, and help keep me centered. An evening round with Joanne at Teton Reserve served just such a purpose last weekend. Ahhh.

A Century in beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming was another great day last weekend.  My brother Curt (he of NY residence) and several of his good friends converged for the ride, and asked me to join them. It was simply stellar.  Quiet country roads, friendly volunteers, and one of my favorite climbs in the world:

Salt River Pass, highpoint of LOTOJA.

Last - but certainly not least - was an evening birthday hike with Joanne & Bridger.  Here I am with our happy dog, at the top of Pole Canyon, trying to remember how old I am (or not!).

Happy Labor Day weekend to you all.  May your final summer adventures be outstanding, and keep you warm for months to come!

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