Monday, September 27, 2010

Idaho Harvest Time

It's "Spud Week" here in Driggs, Idaho. In layman terms, this means harvest time; and, in decades-old tradition, public schools close for a week so students can help with the harvest work.  Barley and potatoes are the main crops, so this also leads to the moniker "Spud Break." 

Summer-like weather is continuing, making for ideal harvest conditions.  It's crazy, but for the last several years we get nicer weather in September than we do in June.  No complaints!

Harvest time also means hunting season around Driggs, so our outings now involve wearing orange. Bridger, as always, is oblivious to the details and just happy to be out exploring.  Funny, but I'm often the same way.

Look at that blue sky, set off by emerging fall colors and uncrowded trails. Does it get any better?

As the weather continues to hold, we continue to sneak in final summer fun. An evening of golf with good friends Jere & Deb last week was a definite highlight...thanks, guys!

Meanwhile, back in Park City working, sublime Indian Summer continues.  This is Jordanelle Reservoir, and the East side of Deer Valley ski area.  In another month, it'll certainly be covered in snow.

Until the white stuff flies, we'll be enjoying the blue, red, yellow, and orange.  Happy trails!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Suddenly, Perfectly September

Fall has a way of sneaking up on us, subtly, on the  heels of summer's frenzy. It then envelops us with colorful perfection we wish would never end. Such is the case this time of year around Driggs, Idaho.

Indian Summer: those glorious days after the first snowstorm or two, when sunshine returns, mosquitoes are gone, nights are crisp, and leaves begin changing. Perfect for adventures.

Meanwhile, Grand Targhee ski resort eagerly awaits the inevitable forthcoming powder days.

It's been a bike-centric couple of weeks, beginning with Labor Day weekend rides in Park City, Utah. Joanne joined me for a classic loop from Jordanelle Reservoir, to Park City, up around Deer Valley, and back.

The beautiful thing about riding in Park City is you're never far from a St. Regis, or Waldorf, or comparable resort if you need to powder your nose. Oh yeah, and the singletrack is sublime.

Two-wheel mania continued the following weekend, with LOTOJA.  I did the race as part of a great 5-person relay team this year, and it was another terrific experience.  Teammates Ashley, Stacie, Sara and Tim all rode like rockstars, and we cemented friendships that surpass the race. 

Good times training, strategizing in Logan the night before the race, and especially celebrating in Jackson Hole after crossing the finish line. Shake 'n Bake!

This week is our 17th Anniversary. Naturally, Joanne & I celebrated by doing a favorite mountain bike ride to the top of Garn's Mountain, west of Driggs. Sitting on top, at 9,000 feet with 360-degree views, we recognized how fortunate we are to have experiences like this, in a place like this.

Enjoy the ride, wherever you are.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lasting Summer Adventures

As we segway from summer to fall, the rush is on to fit in final epic outings. This is especially urgent in places like Driggs, Idaho, and Park City, Utah, where the summer season is fleeting to begin with. Winter approaches with relentless stealth; yes, we love playing in the snow...but memories of summer adventures help warm the soul through the cold months ahead, for sure.  So, let's go!

As bike-hike-swim-ski-run focused as I often am, I do enjoy a little yin with the yang. Fishing, floating, snowmobiling, stargazing, and golfing all have their place in my world, and help keep me centered. An evening round with Joanne at Teton Reserve served just such a purpose last weekend. Ahhh.

A Century in beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming was another great day last weekend.  My brother Curt (he of NY residence) and several of his good friends converged for the ride, and asked me to join them. It was simply stellar.  Quiet country roads, friendly volunteers, and one of my favorite climbs in the world:

Salt River Pass, highpoint of LOTOJA.

Last - but certainly not least - was an evening birthday hike with Joanne & Bridger.  Here I am with our happy dog, at the top of Pole Canyon, trying to remember how old I am (or not!).

Happy Labor Day weekend to you all.  May your final summer adventures be outstanding, and keep you warm for months to come!