Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Driggs and Park City Fall Photos

Going through my recent posts and albums, I've realized there are several worthy fall photos I haven't yet shared. So, here we go: more evidence of autumn outings.

This first shot is me with Bridger, high in the Big Holes, overlooking the south end of Teton Valley. It was our anniversary evening back in mid-September, and still felt like summer.

I've been spending a fair amount of time in Park City, Utah with work lately, and will continue to do so throughout the winter. This was an exploratory mountain bike ride on the Glenwild-Flying Dog trail back in September, with Parley's Summit in the background. Epic trail system, and I look forward to learning it all.

Back in Driggs, near the mouth of Darby Canyon, ready for a run with Bridger. Harvest season is over, and winter is creeping in now...might as well embrace it.

Last but not least: last weekend, taking advantage of a bluebird day and riding some sweet trails down in Swan Valley. This is Joanne with the South Fork of the Snake River in the background. Absolutely stellar.

Another nice weekend in the forecast, and then it looks like winter will be moving in for good. Break out the long johns!

Monday, October 5, 2009

From Summer to Winter

What a difference a week makes. We seem to have vaulted directly from summer to winter here in Driggs, Idaho. Tuesday was 75-degrees & sunny, and by Thursday it looked like this. Friday & Saturday were clear, but then more snow arrived last night and this morning. Temperatures are now only in the 30's...what happened to fall?

Bridger enjoyed the season's first "snow hike," which was especially colorful with the fall leaves just starting to turn.

I do hope fall colors get a chance to shine at some point this month. After the late start to summer this year, a couple weeks of classic Indian Summer weather would be enjoyed by all...except maybe the elk hunters.

Joanne & I took advantage of the brief weather break on Saturday for a nice mountain bike ride, out on the Horseshoe singletrack trails. They were somehow dry, except for this shaded area with a bridge crossing, which made things interesting.

Happy October!