Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swift, Sweet Summers in Driggs Idaho

Summer weeks pass so swiftly, it's difficult to stop and catalog it all. Outdoor adventures, family get-togethers, days at the lake, evening bar-b-ques, ball games, and oh yeah work...there's barely time to sleep.

I'm forcing myself to pause and remember the sweetness, because it'll soon be snowing again here in Driggs. Actually, it nearly did already on Saturday, August 8, when the Tetons received their first white coating of the season. But I digress.

Exploring new trails, outguessing thunderstorms, absorbing summer sunshine, and finding oxygen above 10,000 feet. It keeps us busy, curious, improving, and alive. Not to mention the views...wow.

Nothing puts you back in your place like a round of golf. I am not good, but I enjoy it a few times a year for the company, change of pace, challenge, fresh air, and nuances. Another Caddyshack is needed, to capture it all in modern terms. Cell phones on silent, no twixting please.

Back to the high alpine singletrack, from where it all seems to flow. Water, wildflowers, big vistas and grand plans. Here's hoping for another month or two of prime time, before the white stuff sticks for good.

Make your final summer to-do list now.

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