Monday, July 6, 2009

Rollin' Into Summer

July means summer in Idaho, at last. It's always a long time coming, and especially so this year...which makes the payoff even sweeter. Verdant mountain meadows, rushing rivers, brilliant wildflowers, and backyard Teton Valley bar-b-ques. Let the fun begin.

High country snowfields still linger. As a result, "spring" runoff will continue for another couple of weeks, keeping rivers high and challenging.

Driggs area golf courses are open, in full swing and great shape. Stunning scenery helps ease the inevitable frustration that comes with such a great game. Just remember that one great shot :-)

A weekend on sweet Sun Valley singletrack brought even more summer adventure and smiles. See you out there!


wendy said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the beautiful pictures you post. We are looking at Driggs as a possible place to retire. We have raised our family in Alpine, Utah, but we have family ties to Wyoming and thought Driggs would be the perfect spot. I found your blog when I googled "Driggs, Idaho"! We are taking a family trip in October (over UEA) to Driggs and hope to do a lot of biking and golfing. (The owner of the rental home is sure we will be contending with snow). We're crossing our fingers. Thanks for the fun blog.

Rick LaBelle said...

Thanks, Wendy. I have noticed that my blog is coming up pretty high in Google & Yahoo searches lately, which is kinda fun. I'm glad you've enjoyed the photos & reading. And, here is my take on October weather in Driggs (having spent 14 of them here): yes, it could snow, but you actually have a very good chance of nice Indian Summer weather...especially during the first half of the month. Our fall colors usually peak the last week of Sept. through first week of Oct., too. Have fun!