Saturday, June 27, 2009

Teton Valley Rainbows

Rainbows have been a frequent sight for the past several weeks around Driggs. Weather reports showed that we had measurable precipitation for 21 consecutive days, and this on the heels of a big winter and wet spring. Suffice it to say that area reservoirs are full, ground is saturated and we're all ready for summer sunshine!

Speaking of reservoirs: I was driving along Palisades one morning last week, and suddenly saw a guy out kite boarding. Not something we see everyday around here. He was absolutely rockin' it, pouncing on strong early morning winds and rare clear skies. I wish I could have stayed longer to grab more photos, and I hope he had a thick wetsuit...the water is COLD this time of year.

Work took me to Star Valley, Wyoming last week, which rivals our own Teton Valley, Idaho for natural beauty. I came upon this Lander Cutoff Trail historical marker at the mouth of Stump Creek Canyon, and photographed it to remember the details. Can you imagine 115 men building 345 miles of wagon trail across rough western country - by hand - in less than 90 days? That is absolutely mind-boggling stuff. And to think they did it all without cell phones and computers! :-) Ha. Today, it would take us 90 days just to schedule our first meeting to discuss the feasibility of such a project. Somewhere along the line, we've forgotten how to get things done.

Returning to topic, we did have a handful of nice days this week, and with July around the corner that should become the norm for a while now. The valley is exploding to life, the greenest I've seen it in my 15 years here. Mosquitoes are more active than usual, but we can live with that for a month until it freezes at night again. Rivers remain high and muddy, but should clear up for fishing within a couple of weeks. Golf courses are in great shape, and mountain trails are finally emerging. It's time to savor summer...I'll be on my bike if you need me.

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