Monday, June 15, 2009

June Gloom

During one of my former lives, I spent about a year in San Diego. It was a phase during which I learned many things: how to drive in real traffic, business law, beach behavior (fun), the true Steve Garvey story, and more. I also learned about a SoCal weather phenomenon called "June Goom," which occurs during early summer when ocean temperatures are still cool, ambient air temperatures are warming up, and the result is frequent coastal fog. Uggh.

Segway to the present: we are experiencing an Intermountain version of June Gloom right here in Driggs, Idaho once again this year. Persistent rain, occasional snow, interminable gray skies...when will it end? Probably a week before the 4th of July, when it will suddenly be brilliant summer and we'll wonder what the problem was. Let us hope.

In the meantime, we master the art of squeezing in activities between squalls. Hey, the sun's almost out, quick let's take the dog for a hike...but not too far away from cover. Not supposed to rain all day...o.k., a monster 5-hour road bike ride involving Teton Pass a couple of times, and only an hour of rain...not bad. Well, except for pedaling back up the Jackson side of Teton Pass, which was misery. But it was voluntary misery, and beat sitting on the couch watching it rain.

A few early-summer rituals have been accomplished, in spite of the uncooperative weather conditions. Our one-year-old filly, Sugar, got shoes for the first time. Dan the man (a.k.a. "ferrier") was efficient and effective, and got 'er done. Now we just need the mud to mellow out a bit, and it'll be time to head to the hills for fleeting but oh-so-sweet summer adventures. The wildflowers will be stunning this year...bring it on, please. We're all ready to wear shorts for a few weeks.

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