Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Driggs This-n-That

Conditions and activities here in Driggs have been a little of this, a little of that lately. It was our 15th Memorial Day weekend in Teton Valley, Idaho, which usually means snow one day. We escaped the white stuff this year, but spent the better part of three days dodging thunderstorms. It definitely could have been worse.

Joanne and I snuck in a mountain bike ride, did chores, yardwork, and bigger projects like moving sprinkler pipe at the pasture (always a joy). All in all, not a bad long weekend. When the sun is out, it's absolutely beautiful this time of year: snow up high, wildflowers emerging in the foothills, and green grass in the valley...finally. Bring on summer!

One of my favorite evening walks is a stroll down by the Teton River. Waterfowl abounds, and views of the mountains are nearly 360-degrees. Last week, several horses were just beginning to graze a particularly scenic section, right before sunset. The light was so rich and color contrasts so vivid, I had to just stop and observe. Gotta love those moments.

Bridger was immensely helpful, as usual. He likes to scale vantage points (just like our former dog Targhee), such as the top of this pile of fencing materials we were working with at the pasture. If only he could help do the work...

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