Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Driggs Winter Scenes

Snowpack around Teton Valley, Idaho went from above average in early January, to below average by early February. Storms were generally going south of us, leaving the Driggs area with more sunshine than usual for this time of year. That's not necessarily a bad thing...it's always nice to take in these scenic vistas.

I took advantage of the clear skies to take Bridger on a couple of outings last week. After 11 years with Targhee, I'm still getting used to having a young dog with seemingly endless energy. He's absolutely unphased by 1,000-2,000 feet of climbing through deep snow, and especially fond of bounding back downhill with gravity. He actually sleeps for a couple of hours afterwards, too.

Joanne is kicking my butt on the skis this winter, but I managed to keep up on a nice Darby Canyon tour over the weekend. Bridger and I were happy to take a break for the camera here.

Clear nights create cold mornings, giving the Teton River a chance to show its geothermal properties. It's amazing this river stays unfrozen all winter, considering the frequent below-zero temperatures. I guess it's proof of our proximity to Yellowstone.

Snowstorms are moving in, time to hunker down and rebuild the snowpack again.


LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

ALoha from Hawaii!

We sure enjoyed reading your blog. My husband came across it while trying to find out info about the Tetons. We hope to visit and do some hiking there in a few months.

We live in Honolulu Hawaii, but love to snowboard (crazy hobby to have living where it never snows!)

We actually just returned from a 2 week snowboarding trip to Utah (we go there about 2-3 times a year. We LOVE it there). We even have a little yorkie pup that we named "Brighton" after our favorite resort in Utah.

We don't have kids, our pups are our babies. I was very sad to read about your loss of Targhee. We just recently lost one of our Black Labs, also, it is not easy.

We love to hike and mountain bike and sure enjoyed seeing all of your pictures. You live in a beautiful place. If you would like to check out our little pups website and blog, it is www.superbry.com

Hope we make it out your way in the summer, it looks fantastic!

Much Aloha,
Lisa & Dean

Saltycrabb said...

We continue to lust after your snow from Florida. Check you site every couple of days for more pictures and to read the adventures of you and Bridger. Hope to be biking up there in a few months. (Can't imagine snow tires on a mountain bike!) Jim

Rick LaBelle said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. Lisa & Dean: aloha! definitely let me know if you make it up this way over the summer, would love to take you (and the dogs?) hiking or mtn. biking. Brighton's website is awesome! We make it over to Hawaii about once every 3 yrs., and love it there, too.

Jim: glad someone is still lusting after all this snow! Not the accumulations we had last year, but it'll still be here for a while yet. Enjoy the bike rides down there for me, and we'll see you soon.