Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday Season

The older I get, the more I realize that the holiday season is all about faith, family and friends. Accordingly, this year we spent the entire Christmas-to-New Year's time with both close and extended acquaintances, and it was awesome. This photo shows what I'm talkin' about (and fittingly, it was taken on a basketball court).

It was difficult leaving Driggs - literally, because the roads were sheets of ice and had been closed due to blowing snow. It took two hours to make the normally one hour drive to Idaho Falls, but we persevered and made it. Joanne even found occasion to take a photo. From I.F. south to Salt Lake wasn't too bad.

If I had to pick a theme for the holidays this year (other than "yes, we're still in the guest room" and "lots of snowstorms"), it was Guitar Hero, courtesy of my nephews Blake & Tyler. Holy Cow it was fun, batman!! I now understand why kids are addicted to X-Box and Wii. The kicker with Guitar Hero is its appeal to all ages...evidenced in this photo with Joanne knockin' the drums, yours truly rockin' the guitar, and mom & dad nailin' vocals. I won't say how many cumulative hours we played, but time sure flies.

The highlight of the holidays? How 'bout my Utah Utes' huge upset victory over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, baby!! Utah finishes as the only undefeated team in college football, with a valid claim to the number 1 national ranking (will there ever be a playoff format?). A great end to a season that was monumental for the school, the entire Rocky Mountain region, and mid-major colleges in general. The best part was the fact that it was a thorough whippin', with Utah dominating Alabama in every facet of the game: physical strength, skill, speed, coaching, and desire. We got together with friends and fellow U of U alums to watch (many of whom are season ticket holders), and man it was fun.

Eventually, we made it back to Driggs...but not into our driveway without shoveling. The snowpack right now is the strangest I've ever experienced: light fluffy base, then ice, then heavy windblown snow on top. In all, it makes for very high avalanche danger (careful out there, y'all) and very difficult shoveling. Good thing I got the Bobcat running.

One other detail: it was 20-below this morning. Happy 2009!


Drew Israelsen Family said...

20 below that is CRAZY. I thought it was cold here. Now you know why I find comfort in drinking a bottle of booze and playing rock band. It is TONS of fun for the whole family. Lena can pass a song singing Twinkle twinkle little star to any music it is funny.

JM said...

Rick - I am a stranger to you but I found your blog and I need your help. I grew up in SE Idaho and my husband and I live outside of Portland, Oregon. He desperately wants to move to Driggs - he loves the Tetons and mountain environment. He is a Ute alumni as well. I need to chat with a stay at home mom of elementary aged kids. Can you hook me up with someone like that to help me answer some questions about raising kids in Driggs? I would appreciate hearing from you. Your pictures are beautiful and inspiring! Thank you - Nancy Melendez