Friday, January 16, 2009

Here Comes The Sun

After several weeks of relentless winter weather, the sun has suddenly appeared here in Teton Valley, Idaho. High pressure has moved in, bringing blue skies and daytime temperatures in the mid-30's. We can finally see where we're going on the roads, slopes and trails! This photo shows the "Welcome to Driggs" sign on the south end of town, with Fred's Mountain and Grand Targhee Ski Area in the background.

Meanwhile, the Upper Midwest and Northeast are under a deep freeze. I've got a small R.U. Outside crew back at the Eagle River, Wisconsin Snowmobile Derby Event this weekend, and let's just say it's cold back there. 30-below-type cold...I've been there & done that. My most enduring memory is looking out at the racetrack, and watching thousands of spectators trying to drink their beer before it froze. That's where I draw the line.

Elsewhere around Driggs, Idaho: the new County Courthouse continues to progress, and these moderate January temperatures are helping the cause. The location is just west of downtown, by the south entrance to the big new Huntsman Springs development. The approval process took several years (hey, it's three stories tall, consensus-building took time), but the result is looking good.

We even had a clear night to observe the Full Moon last week. Sunny days and Moonlit nights certainly lift the spirits, any time of year. It's looking like another week before the next winter storm, so we'll enjoy the January Thaw reprieve for a while...and then start praying for snow again.

Midwest friends: dress warmly, and carry a thermos.

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