Sunday, December 7, 2008


It's starting to feel like we may have used all of our allocated Teton Valley, Idaho snow last spring, when the white stuff kept falling well into June. I try not to wish for snow too often in Driggs, because next thing I know we're buried in it for months and I'm crying "uncle" and dreaming of tropical beaches. But, man, it's December 7 now and there's barely a skiff of snow in the valley. It's just wrong. Ski areas and snowmobile trails throughout the entire western U.S. need some big storms, soon.

On the positive side, we've had some absolutely incredible sunsets lately. With the sun so far to the south this time of year, and mid-level clouds in the evenings, the entire sky just lights up like an iridescent orb, framed by mountains in every direction. The beauty is heart-stopping...enveloping the whole valley like a final warm embrace, building brilliantly and then fading gracefully, leaving you humbled, happy and glowing.

Even Bridger pauses to take it all in, smiling. He'll smile even more when the snow starts piling up.

Here's a photo I took last year at this time. Let's hope Teton Valley has a similar white look by the time I make my next blog post.

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