Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Driggs Summer Images

As August winds down, there's suddenly a hint of fall in the air here in Driggs. It creates a sense of urgency to get out and tackle that last epic hike, or float down the river, or backcountry horseback ride. It also gives me reason to sort through some of my favorite photos from this summer.

Moving sprinkler pipe down at the pasture has provided some memorable evening scenes. I love the unique combination of rural, agricultural, and mountain resort town feel we enjoy here in Teton Valley, Idaho. Not many places remaining like this.

The development slow down has indeed hit the local Driggs economy, and it's been felt by most of us. But, there are a few upsides...such as plenty of room and good deals on the high-end golf courses. We took advantage and enjoyed a nice round at Teton Reserve with mom and dad when they visited back in July.

Bridger has slowly but surely been coming of age this summer, thank goodness. He still has his spastic moments (yet in fairness, so do the rest of us), but we occasionally catch him in fairly regal poses, which gives us hope. All it takes is lots of patience, and miles and miles of exercise every day.

The birth of our baby colt Slate back on Memorial Day was a highlight of the summer, for sure. He's growing fast, and remains incredibly friendly and fun. You can see the intelligence and kindness in his eyes...he's a keeper.

If anything stands out from this summer, it has to be the phenomenal wildflowers (I guess that's the reward for enduring snowstorms every week from November through mid-June). They were so spectacular, it was often hard to keep your mountain bike on the trail. If you can't beat 'em, join em!

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