Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Suddenly Summer

And then one day, the sun emerged. Snowing sideways on a Thursday, summer by Saturday...welcome to Driggs, Idaho. We completely missed Spring this year. I had been in Boise on business for a couple of days, and was thrilled to come home to this view. It almost makes you forget the fact that winter reigned for nearly nine months in Teton Valley this year. Daytime temperatures are into the 70's, water is raging, and wildflowers are exploding. We were all very ready for this.

So, it's now a mad dash to cram six months of spring/summer activity into about three months. Epic backcountry outings are planned, fishing adventures beckon, fancy golf courses fill up, construction projects roll, friends and family come to visit (where are they all in January?), and the daylight seems to last forever. Sure, we like to play in the snow, but these perfect summer days are what keep us here in Driggs.

Local animals - domestic and wild - seem to be enjoying the sudden onset of summer as much as we are. Farmers won't be short on water this year, forest fires should be minimal (in stark contrast to last year's infernos), and as you can see from this photo, the valley is incredibly green. I intend to behave according to the Scarcity Theory from my long-ago economics education, and soak it all in while it lasts. Adventure details to come.

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