Monday, June 30, 2008

Lovin' It

Summer days here in Teton Valley, ID are so amazing, all you can do is pinch yourself, smile and indulge. The past ten days have been positively euphoric, and it's hard to believe it was still snowing only two weeks ago. We took advantage of the perfect conditions and explored on bike, foot and horse over the weekend.

Taylor Mountain has always been one of our favorite areas. It's huge, with a couple of great trails and big scenic vistas. Joanne made it most the way up on George the Mule this weekend, along with a couple of friends. There's still quite a bit of snow up high, but it's melting fast and flowers are making their way up the hillsides.

It's always fun taking friends new places. Jere and Deb enjoyed their first ascent of Pole Canyon, all the way to the big snow cornices on top. Who'd have thought we'd be turned around by snow the end of June? Still, it was a great hike with plenty of sunshine, views, greenery, and water for the dogs along the way. Burgers at the Knotty Pine tasted mighty fine afterwards.

Sandwiched on either end of the weekend were a couple of sweet mountain bike rides: Darby Canyon, Aspen Trail, Millcreek Trail, Rick's Basin and Grand Targhee (we were first tracks!). In summary, I just can't get enough.

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Drew Israelsen Family said...

It looks beautiful there!!! It also looks like you are taking good advantage of the weather. It is HOT HOT HOT here we hit 101 today.