Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's June, right?

I pedaled my bike from home up to Grand Targhee ski area on Sunday, June 1. Five feet of snow at mid-mountain! It could still be open for skiing, really (like many ski areas, it's on a forest service lease, and has to close on April 15 regardless of conditions). The old timers say that high water happens in the valley streams when you can see bare ground on Fred's Mountain. We're a few weeks away from that, I'd say.

Continuing with the Grand Targhee/big snow/where's summer theme: this is looking up at Peaked Mountain (right) and Mary's Nipple (center). In four weeks, the Wydaho Mountain Bike Race will be taking place on these same slopes...let's hope some warm summer sunshine arrives by then.

So, other than late-winter weather in early summer, what's happening in Driggs, Idaho? Development continues, but at a slower pace than recent years (probably a good thing, it was lunacy). It's amazing the ripple effect of higher gas prices, stricter loan criteria and a slowing economy. Local contractors actually return phone calls now. This photo shows the view out my office window, looking west toward the Big Holes. Next year it will be a commercial and residential development.

Memorial Weekend news: impatient vandals ripped out the gate at the mouth of Teton Canyon. It was still closed due to considerable snow and mud, and no campgrounds were open...but that didn't stop the entitled perpetrators. That canyon has the highest usage of any in Teton Valley, and someone just had to get where they wanted to go, apparently. It's a federal offense that can bring up to ten years in prison, kind of a big deal.

While we all go stir crazy waiting for summer, our baby colt continues to grow and develop. He woke up on the wrong side of the fence the other day, which caused a bit of a panic, but otherwise it's been a smooth first week. We still haven't officially named him, but leading considerations are: Slate, Cinder, Tucson. What's your vote?

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