Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hoping for Summer

Back in the fall of 1995 (my first year in Teton Valley), I was getting impatient for snow. I remember talking with an old-timer in downtown Driggs, who told me: "Rick, it'll come. We've missed a few summers around here, but we've never missed a winter." 13 years later, I can confirm that he was absolutely right. 2008 is unfolding to be one of those missed summers, as this photo shows. It's been snowing sideways all day, with more expected tomorrow. I'm now referring to this month as "Junuary."

We've been doing our best to just bundle up and go do things. Hey, if it can't actually BE summer, then let's pretend it is. Meanwhile, 95-degree heat is suffocating people in the northeast, and the midwest is battling tornados and flooding. Top it off with a nationwide banking and housing crisis, spiraling fuel and food costs, and having to watch Kobe in the NBA Finals...and you just want to go put your head in the sand somewhere. Oh wait, that's what Congress has been doing for decades, which explains the situation we're all in. Yes, it even affects us living right here in little 'ole Driggs, Idaho. Interesting times.

So, if you can't bury your head in the sand, the next best thing is to go watch horses frolic in the field. Or, in this case, the horses and dog. Our baby colt (his nearly-official name is now "Slate") and Bridger have become friends, and it's a riot to watch them play. The other morning, after a particularly exhausting play session, they both just plopped down to rest while Finis continued grazing and watching over them. Bridger is the most social dog I've ever seen, we can't keep up.

Optimistically, we purchased a nice little set of porch furniture last weekend. Standing in the checkout line, the lady in front of me said: "so, do you think it'll ever be warm enough to actually use that this summer?" All I could say was, "don't get me going."

At least we managed to put it all together, and get a photo during a brief hour of sunshine Sunday evening. I do hope we can spend a few evenings actually sitting outside this summer. Cross your fingers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rick, it's me, Kate from Seattle (Sammamish). I really look forward to your blogs. So are you thinking of moving? Or do you love it so much there that the weather doesn't matter? Just to make you feel better, Seattle has had only 10 full days of sun this year! It's been raining for days, and if it's not raining, it's gray. My skin is pasty white and I'm taking Vitamin D by the handfuls. I think everyone in the country is complaining about the weather. And to make matters worse, we want to leave this gray, gloomy area and move to Driggs but we can't because our house hasn't sold!! So what do you think? If by some stroke of luck we are able to sell our house, should we rent in Driggs to make sure we like it? Or do you think it's the greatest place on earth? All these questions, but keep on blogging because I really look forward to reading your updates. Kate

Rick LaBelle said...

Hi Kate,
I decided to take my time and really think about it before replying to you...and suddenly it's summer! A week ago a good portion of the valley was ready to pack up and move to the equator, but now there's no place on earth we'd rather be. That's kind of how it is in these mountain locations: spectacular when it's nice out, but the interminable winters & mud seasons require some determination. See you here soon?

tiggerrrrr said...

hey rick i just read your blog. winters are very long in the mountains. I also live in a idaho mountain town, so i know what your saying. my husband and i are thinking about trying to move your direction. we have a couple of kids, how are the schools there? also looked at your local newspaper, didn't see any homes to rent, re there any?