Monday, May 19, 2008

Springing to Life

Last Monday, it was snowing in Driggs. Today, just a week later, it's 75-degrees and Teton Valley is springing to life. It has been a long time coming, and we're all loving the evidence of actual photosynthesis right here in Idaho. I was starting to doubt whether it would ever happen this year.

After letting the trails dry out for a few days, Joanne and I grabbed the mountain bikes and headed out for the first local ride of the year. A 30-minute drive took us to Swan Valley and the South Fork of the Snake River Bench Trail, with some sweet singletrack and epic views. It was awesome to be out in short sleeves and shorts...but we quickly realized how woefully out-of-biking-shape we are compared to most years at this time.

Wildflowers were just beginning to make their brave appearances. With all the winter and spring snow we had, it should be a memorable year for blooming in the high country.

Local Driggs farmers are now finally able to get rolling. It's good to see the seed potatoes and barley being planted, with hopes that snow and freezing temperatures stay away for a few months now. Time will tell.

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