Monday, May 26, 2008

New Addition

Adding a baby horse to the clan has become sort of a "Driggs Memorial Day tradition" for us. This year was no exception, with our mare Finis delivering a beautiful, tall Tennessee Walker colt. A couple of these photos might be considered "graphic," but in person it was incredible.

This was the first horse birth I've actually seen. Usually they just pop out magically in the middle of the night, and the foal is running around by the time you see it in the morning. We were fortunate this time, as it happened during the breakfast hour and Joanne and I were both around. Plus, it took place during a pleasant break between rain/snow storms. Timing is everything.

Joanne has experienced many live horse births, and is great at immediately "imprinting" the foal. It definitely makes a difference in how friendly and trainable the horse becomes.

We're still open to names for our new black colt, so feel free to drop a comment with suggestions. He's already showing a sweet disposition: friendly, happy, curious, confident. Finis is an excellent mother.

The new addition brightened up an otherwise dismal, rainy, snowy, windy Memorial Day weekend. We're hoping for improvement later this week, but I felt bad for everyone who was out camping and fishing over the holiday. Weather in Driggs can often be fickle this time of year, but this "spring" has been the most brutal of any we've experienced in that regard (14 years and counting). As the old timers used to say..."we have two seasons in Teton Valley, Idaho: July, and winter."


Drew Israelsen Family said...

The colt is so cute. My kids have loved looking at the pictures you sent of it. Glad to hear you finally got to experience something similar to child birth (I feel her pain).

Drew Israelsen Family said...

Hey this is Drew. Love the colt. I have experienced that many times when I was younger but not for a long time its definitely awesome. But I did notice you weren't in there helping. When I was young I remember watching my Dad and Uncles birthing calves. Gross!!!!! any way congratulations.

Rick LaBelle said...

Hey Drew & Rachel,
Thanks for the comments, and glad you guys enjoyed the baby colt pictures! Joanne handled it like a for me, someone had to man the camera ;-) That's cool you've been down that road a few times, as well.