Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snow, Playa, Pines

The snow around Driggs continued to pile up (and drift) through February. Teton County roads remained icy, with hidden ditches waiting to swallow unsuspecting vehicles. Skiing and snowmobiling conditions were great, but it was time for a break.

A quick week south of the border was the perfect antidote. The nicest part was simply being warm and walking out the door in shorts every day, rather than donning layer after layer. Walking and running on the beach, swimming and body surfing in the ocean, fresh fish and fruit, sleeping to the sound of waves...all just a half-day away from Driggs thanks to modern air travel.

Watching the sun drop into the ocean each night was icing on the cake. It speaks to a person on such a pure, visceral level. Anyone see the green flash here?

Back home there's still plenty of winter left, so we'll be making the most of it. We got out on a great snow bike ride with Bridger on Sunday, celebrating his first birthday (which means it's also exactly a year since we lost Targhee, R.I.P.). He enjoyed the challenge of not chasing snowmobiles as they passed ;-)


Dave said...

You definitely win the "Snow biker with the best tan" award! Winter just keeps going this year. Last year on March 16th I road to Ashton and back...not this year.

Rick LaBelle said...

Thanks for the comment, brotha. It was good seeing you out there last weekend...and it does indeed look like winter will last for a while yet. Keep on ridin'!