Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Winter

Snowmobiles have been the preferred mode of transportation in Teton Valley, Idaho these past few weeks. They get you where you're going, they're fun, you don't end up stuck in a ditch, and you don't need to plug 'em in at night. Looks like someone just ran out of gas in this case. Or, the Super Bowl was starting so they suddenly had to quit riding (wouldn't want to miss any of those $2.7 million commercials). O.K., I'll admit the game was pretty darn good this year. It was kinda nice to finally see Super Tom lose a game.

In a nutshell, conditions around Driggs have been downright nasty again this week. Roads in and out of the valley were closed parts of four out of seven days, and we only received mail delivery twice during that time. I've decided the Post Office's new mantra should be "We Deliver...unless it snows or blows a little."
It all serves to make a person feel a bit cut-off from the world, which isn't all bad these days. We've been in a quasi-survival mode a lot this winter.

These were the snowbanks in the Driggs supermarket parking lot today. It's getting to be impressive, the most snow we've seen here in ten years. Our reservoirs need the water this summer, plus the skiers and snowmobilers are absolutely loving it. Grand Targhee now has a base over 100", and the challenge has been finding a break between storms to go enjoy it. Epic conditions, all the way around.

Bridger has been getting out regularly, and grows more and more fond of the high snowbanks. He's impervious to the cold and wind, too, and now pants if the house is warmer than 60-degrees. I think he'll go into mourning when the snow eventually melts off this spring (which probably won't be until May this year).

This rare sunny moment shows the drifting in our yard, plus the beauty that makes it all worthwhile. I know I'll be visualizing this stunning scene when I'm working a big trade show in a big city next week...but more on that next time. For now, enjoy the snow!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the great pictures. Our son does not have a camera so we just have to rely on the occasional camera phone pic - - certainly nowhere near as clear as the ones you post. Just about every day he starts his text message with "And it just keeps snowing and snowing. . ."