Sunday, January 13, 2008

Snow Mode

It's kind of a shock to the system to go from this....

 this, within a matter of hours. The difference between January life in Tucson, Arizona and January life in Driggs, Idaho is so incredibly huge, you wonder how they can possibly be on the same planet.

But, the human capacity to adapt never ceases to amaze me. I'm already re-accustomed to the Teton Valley winter life of snow, cold, gray and ice. It took a few days for the blood to thicken up and the eyes to differentiate between clouds, snow, and road, but I think I'm there now.

I often wonder how the natives and early settlers did it in places like this, with fire and blankets their only sources of heat. Those would have been some endless winters. When I was trudging around Denmark half a lifetime ago, fighting below-zero temperatures and humidity with constant wind, I would similarly wonder why the Vikings ever came back from their journeys south. I guess it just proves that home is where the heart is.

It was a heavy work week, making up for time spent away over the holidays. So, outings were short but sweet: walking the dog, a snow bike ride on packed county roads, snowshoeing up ridgelines in bottomless powder, moving horses from the pasture to the house, and shoveling (uggh). It's probably been five years since we had snow like this in Teton Valley, and it's awesome all the way around. Great for winter recreation, and great for summer irrigation needs.

Bridger was glad I finally stopped. The snow was waist-deep...I think I actually made him tired this weekend!

Moving the horses took nearly all day Sunday, but Joanne's glad to have it done and it'll be nice having them up by the house again.

As I mentioned, we have a little snow around here now. There's no sign of it melting and another storm is moving in Tuesday, so might as well enjoy it.

Next weekend: snowmobiling and snow biking at Togwotee...can't wait!

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