Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snowed In, Driggs Style

We had a couple of brilliant blue days here in Teton Valley last week, accompanied by below-zero temperatures. It was pretty to look at, but you needed to dress like an Eskimo to enjoy it. It's been a cold winter already, even by Idaho standards.

Business took me to Logan and Salt Lake towards the end of the week. The window between storms was narrow, so I had to pounce while the roads were open. Turns out that was a wise move.

They're having a big winter in Utah, too, and the deer are now wantonly grazing in subdivisions that used to be fields.

Since returning to Driggs Saturday evening, the roads in and out have been closed almost constantly. Teton Valley has effectively been "snowed in." We haven't had mail delivery since Saturday, and were snowed in our own house for a couple of days. Snowdrifts four feet deep and fifty feet long were too much for the snow blower, so when the winds finally subsided this morning we hired a bobcat to clear our driveway. It was nice to leave the house after three days!

It's amazing how quickly the focus of a mountain community can move from "recreation" to "survival." Primary concerns shift from skiing and snowmobiling to heat, food, water, supplies and not driving into a snow-filled ditch. The winds were so bad yesterday that a long-time local became disoriented just walking from his house to his nearby barn, and was lost for three hours. Kind of sobering, and reminds me a bit of Jack Nicholson in "The Shining."

I'm becoming a believer in the addage "be careful what you wish for." We've prayed for snow like this for years, and it's arriving like it's making up for lost time. As of tonight, storms are still lined up as far as the satellites can see. We'd like a break, but Bridger doesn't mind...he prefers the vantage points from atop growing snowbanks.

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