Sunday, December 23, 2007

Teton Valley Holiday Season

Thursday night was the first big storm of the season - we've had some good Idaho snowfalls already, but none of them really "big." This time, the flakes came down large, fluffy, and purposeful. There's something about waking up to nearly a foot of fresh, peaceful, fun-beckoning white stuff framed by clear blue sky, particularly on the Friday before Christmas...until it sinks in that you have to shovel. So, out came the snow blower.

Driggs was bustling all week, and especially Friday. Tourists are arriving for the holidays, powder hounds are pouncing on the choice conditions up at Grand Targhee, and snowmobilers are heading to the hills in every direction. Broulim's (our grocery store) was as busy as I've ever seen it, and downtown merchants were happily accommodating last-minute Christmas needs.

I made an enjoyable stop into Darkhorse Books, where Jeanne was helpful as always. Walking back to my vehicle, I realized how much small town life has grown on me these past thirteen years, and smiled.

To celebrate the fresh snow and Winter Solstice, Joanne, Bridger and I headed out for a Saturday afternoon ski tour. It was cold, but the snow was as fine as I've experienced. The canyon was a perfect mix of a soft-packed snowmobile track and untouched powder, and the fun quickly enveloped us.

Wrapping up the Christmas season in a mail order business has had me hunkered down, working a ridiculous amount lately. It did me a world of good to get out and play, and realize that a computer screen is not permanently attached to my brain. The pines, the creek, the snow, the was the perfect antidote.

We've had some beautiful sunsets lately.

Happy Holidays, from Driggs.


Anonymous said...

Want to thank you for your writings and pictures of Driggs. Our son moved there in November to work at Grand Targhee and with the help of your great site with can get a feel for what he is experiencing. This is the first Christmas we have not been together as a family - - since our son is busy working and could not make it home for the holidays - - so it was nice to view your Christmas posting.

Rick LaBelle said...

Thanks for the nice comment! Great to hear my blog is helping folks like you, and I hope your son is loving his experience up at Grand Targhee.