Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter, At Last

Winters in Driggs are usually so impossibly long, I never thought I'd exclaim "yes, it's finally winter!" But here I am, saying it.

We desperately need snow this winter to fill up the region's reservoirs next summer, and we also need it for fun. Our local economy is closely tied to farming and recreation, and both require snow...the more, the better.

Grand Targhee ski resort has been open for over a week now, and their base is getting respectable. They've received 18" over the past three days, and are reporting 61" at mid-mountain; not bad at all. It might finally be safe to show off your trophy skis and boards.

A couple of hours away, Togwotee Lodge has received a total snowfall of 51" so far this season, and they're reporting about three feet in most of the snowmobiling spots. I'd still be a little wary of off-trail rocks and stumps, but the trails are sweet and they're off to a nice start overall. I have a couple of good friends from Minnesota riding up there today, and they called in to say "it's beautiful." Yeah, rub it in. Some of us have to work (did I just say that?).

Speaking of which, my work at R.U. Outside is crazy right now, with the Christmas shopping rush in full swing. While we depend on this month of madness, I forget how chaotic it is each year. The best approach is just to put on your Santa Claus hat, do your best to make everyone happy, and sneak in an hour or two of fun now and then.

So, I took Bridger out skiing at lunch the other day. The fresh air, scenery and snow were great. That sense of weightlessness you get while playing in the powder (skiing, snowmobiling, snow biking, snowshoeing, anything) is magical, and it was good to get reacquainted with the sensation. I was tired way before Bridger was.

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