Sunday, November 4, 2007

Scenic November Singletrack

I'm not complaining, but it's starting to feel like a long time since we had winter around Driggs. Typically, we have only four snow-free months: June through September (and even then get random June and September accumulations). This year is turning that upside down, as select trails have been snow-free since April. It's now November, going on eight months since skis, snow bikes and snowmobiles ruled the day. The old timers will tell you this is nothing short of crazy, and it's not helping the elk hunting.

But, why fight it. After setting the clocks back last night, Joanne and I awoke feeling rested and ready for a shoulder season adventure. Crisp fifty-degree sunshine beckoned.

There's a little-known singletrack trail nearby that is ideal for spring and fall dirt bike, mountain bike or horseback rides. It's at a slightly lower elevation and has good sun exposure, drying out earlier and staying dry later than any other Teton Valley trails. Most of it also overlooks the South Fork of the Snake River, making the scenery positively stunning. Just be sure to stop before looking around, or you'll end up in the river 800 feet below with the fly-fishing driftboats.

It was the perfect pre-Colts/Patriots game ride. Twelve miles of out-and-back mountain biking, just over two hours, with a couple thousand feet of climbing. Several mandatory stops were necessary to wipe the grins from our faces, giddy at being out like this in November. We encountered two very cool dirt bikers, and otherwise the day was ours.

To have an outing like that, return to watch the sunset from your own porch and sleep in your own bed...this is why we live in Driggs.

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