Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Recalls, Ruminations, Tradeshows

There is a recall election pending in Teton County, and it's consuming the community. The weekly newspaper is filled with letters supporting or opposing it; we're getting phone calls at home every week encouraging us to vote one way or another; today I was at the local gym, and someone I didn't know asked me whether Joanne and I were "for" or "against" the recall...before he even introduced himself. It's an issue that's getting more attention than the elk hunt this year, further illustrating the degree of change in Teton Valley.

Two new commissioners were elected in last year's election. They won, fair and square. Both happened to be Democrats, one male and one female (gasp!). It marked a sea-change in the valley towards more liberal leadership, and many long-time locals were not happy about it. Enough of them (over 20%) signed a petition to force a recall election So, here we are, election deja vu all over again.

On November 7, we the citizens of Teton County, Idaho will vote either FOR or AGAINST an actual recall. If the number of FOR votes is greater than the number of votes these commissioners received in last year's election, they will be replaced by two other Democrats selected by a complex committee and state system. I wonder whether those who signed the "recall petition" even realized what the process would entail. Regardless of the outcome, they will not have Republican commissioners during the course of this term.

This all reminds me of my senior year in college, when I served as a "research and writing intern" for Utah Senator Jake Garn on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. I went in thinking I would make a career of politics in some form or fashion, possibly even staying in D.C. after the internship. I left swearing it off for life, disillusioned by a system that worked smoothly two-hundred years ago but has since become long on process and short on results. I respect those who do it (especially their patience), but it just wasn't me. Realizing I was much more of an entrepreneurial personality, I started a small business shortly thereafter and haven't looked back.

Speaking of my business: it's tradeshow season, and last week was Seattle (the show was actually closer to Tacoma, but Seattle sounds better). We sent Andrew and Kurt up from Logan with the truck & trailer - loaded with inventory - and setup a 600 sq. ft. booth. We basically operated a portable store for 2 days selling R.U. Outside boots, gloves, socks, long johns, fleecewear, jackets, headwear and accessories. All the good stuff you need for winter. It's a lot of work and brutal on the feet and back, but worth it.

Anchoring our team were three generations of Lloyds, all of them Washington natives: the legendary Kay (a.k.a. "K-Dog"), her daughter Jana and grandson Anthony. Great people, and Anthony showed he's ready to carry the family salesmanship torch forward.

We had a large, fun, effective staff...and no drama! Always a bonus. Nicole flew up from Colorado, plus my younger-bigger brother Mark and his wife Annie came from Salt Lake. They are awesome to hang out with. We went to dinner in the hip Belltown district of downtown Seattle Saturday night, enjoyed great food and gawked at big city life.

I'd post a picture of something cool like the Space Needle or Mount Rainier, but it was raining the entire time.

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Annabelle said...

Thanks Rick. Good photo! Good times. Hope you get caught up on your power naps!