Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fall in the Tetons

Fall has many faces here in Driggs, and you can easily see several of them in a single week. Ten days ago was perhaps the nicest fall day we've had this year, with temperatures in the 70's, colors vibrant and not a cloud around; two days later it was snowing and blowing; the next day was 60 and sunny again; two days later we were back to snow...and so on.

My parents typically visit in late September-early October, and they often joke about experiencing three seasons in a week. This year was a case in point, but they roll with the weather and are always in good spirits. They take long morning walks, ride the bike paths in Jackson, drink huckleberry shakes, visit Teton Park to see (and hear) elk bugling in the evenings, and enjoy the baseball playoffs on t.v. at night. Baseball is a religion in our family.

Joanne and I enjoy having family and friends visit for many reasons, one of the main being that fresh eyes truly see the surroundings. We might sometimes take our Teton scenery for granted, but visitors notice every detail, and it rubs off in a very good way. It was great to catch up with mom and dad.

We joined my folks one evening in Teton Park, immersing ourselves in the sights and sounds of elk in the rut. Their bugling strikes a primordial chord, a feeling I wish everyone could experience sometime in their lives. The evening culminated with dinner at the Silver Dollar in Jackson, listening to cowboys and hunting outfitters' tales at the tables around us. I kept expecting Bill Townsend to walk in. He is missed.

Bridger loves the cooler weather and snow, but Joanne and I are hoping for a couple more weeks of Indian Summer weather. The mountain bikes aren't yet ready for hibernation. Meanwhile, I'm predicting a Colorado-Cleveland World Series (hey, it's October...where's A-Rod?).


annie said...

BRIDGER! He is beautiful. Looks like little and big "H" enjoyed their time up in your neck of the woods! We can't wait to meet Mr. Bridger....

Rick LaBelle said...

Thanks, Annie! Yes, Bridger is a sweet dog. His energy is off the charts, but it helps get us out the door ;-) He'll look forward to meeting you & Mark, lick-lick.