Tuesday, October 30, 2007


It's been one of the nicest falls of our 13 years in Teton Valley. Snow one weekend, sunshine the next, temperatures perfect. And, while they're essentially gone now, the colors were brilliant. A genuine Indian Summer, relished by all.

The 4" of snow from ten days ago was a distant memory this week. Brilliant blue sky framed snow-covered Tetons, and it was good to be living in Driggs. I made it out on two afternoon mountain bike rides, both in short sleeves and shorts...nearly unheard of for late October.

I somehow pried myself away from Driggs bliss, and drove to Salt Lake for yet another R.U. Outside tradeshow. As a Wasatch Front native, I don't mind occasional return visits. It's always good to reconnect with family, friends and familiar places. I even spent a night with my good friend Matt Z and his impressive young family (loved the steam shower!).

The show was good and so was the company. But, the explosion of traffic, construction and smog from Ogden to Provo these past few years has made it almost intolerable for a small town Idaho boy to handle. When I was a young lad, Draper was where you went to pheasant hunt; today, it's nothing but trendy strip malls, subdivisions and pavement. I was happy to flee back north in time for Sunday in Driggs.

Bridger accompanied me on one of the afternoon rides last week, and was thrilled to find some lingering snow in the shade. I promised him there's plenty more white stuff on the way, soon.


Dave Byers said...

Amen my brotha'! Yesterday's rain may have put the nail in mountain biking coffin though but there is plenty o' hiking and elk hunting left before it gets really snowy.

Rick LaBelle said...

Thanks, extreme. Hey, I'm counting on you for some Elkasaurus this year!

Greg said...

Hey Rick,

Came accross your blog, as I'm planning a trip out to Grand Targhee (never been there). Living in Hailey, ID and coming out with a bunch of friends to ski/snowboard. Thanks for the great description of the area and GREAT photos.

Rick LaBelle said...

Hi Greg, thanks for the nice remarks. You'll love the 'Ghee, it is the Prince of Powder. They should be fully open by Thanksgiving, it looks like. Not a bad place you're living, too; I get over to Ketchum a couple times each summer to indulge in all that singletrack.