Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Teton Trifecta: Spectating, Working, Exploring

My headline coming off the weekend is a huge CONGRATS to my buddy Dave B., for his super-strong 2nd Place finish at the Grand Targhee 24-hour mountain bike race. Couldn't be more proud of you, man. Joanne and I introduced Dave and his wife Michelle to mtn. biking seven years ago, when they moved from Dallas to Driggs (yes, a big move). Dave has since left me in the dust, but we've shared some epic rides and adventures along the way. From noon Saturday until noon Sunday, he logged 25 laps around Grand Targhee's course (only one lap less than the winner, legendary JayP from Jackson) for a total of about 195 miles and nearly 30,000 feet of climbing...and he was still alive, smiling.

Because I mention the word "work" in the sub-title of this blog, I probably need to actually write about it from time to time. I'm in the midst of putting this year's R.U. Outside catalog together: writing the copy, sketching the layout and coordinating the ensuing process with my graphic designer. Saturday afternoon was a photo shoot at the studio over in Jackson, getting some nice pics of new products. Anthony and Lauren modeled (they are naturals), Dave and Alli coordinated, Garth photographed...and I supervised.

The drive over Teton Pass and back was beautiful; Jackson is finally starting to slow down a bit from the summer tourist season, and fall colors are coming on fast.

A bonus upon arriving home was seeing my Utah Utes on t.v., absolutely crushing 11th ranked UCLA! No one saw it coming; the final was 44-6...fans swarmed the field and coach Whittingham went from doghouse to penthouse in a few short hours. Gotta love the emotion of college sports.

The weekend's Grand Finale was a serious mtn. bike ride with Joanne on Sunday afternoon. We opted to complete a loop on the south end of the valley (partly involving Pole Canyon) that we'd figured out on the map, but had never ridden in its entirety. After 13 summers of Teton Valley riding, there aren't many sections of trail we don't know, so it was fun to explore...if your definition of "fun" is lactate threshold training. Like many rides around here, it essentially went straight up-up-up to a ridgeline, then up-up-up some more before finally giving us a break with some rolling terrain and stunning views.

Yes, the 2,500 feet of climbing was worth it.

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Dave said...

Thanks for the congrats my brotha'!

Lovin' the Livin in Driggs Blog and looking forward to seeing it grow.